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Bhillboards (2012)

I returned to art in 2007 after a long hiatus filled with odd jobs, freelance commercial illustration work and tee shirt designs. Using the handpainted screenprint technique I learned in 2001, I created a collection of works on paper, sold them in Williamsburg and ended up meeting a lady from Spain. She proposed the idea of having an art show in her hometown of Seville Spain, and at the end of 2008 she pulled her resources together and made it happen. I traveled over there for the first time and in conjunction with an upscale restaurant, which doubled as an art gallery, the show opened and all the pieces sold. In the days following, I traveled through London and Paris, grabbing billboard posters off the walls to use in my art for when I returned to the states. Once back, I created my first collection of paintings on canvas and each one sold.

“Bhillboards” was completed around 2012. The collection contained a mixed media collage of screenprinting, actual ripped billboard posters from the streets of NYC and abroad, loosely painted images and handwritten text. The main inspiration for the works centered around the feeling of NYC.